Friday, December 5, 2008

Truth spoke last night

A wind of change whistled quietly
adjusting itself around the hurdles
nothing came in between
no one called to stop it
all went swept and strayed
it doesn't happen very often
but the way it did was strange
people shook themselves up
talked aloud and made a vow to change
it was then when we heard
something being said, something being done,
something for the good,
something for the love,
something for the kids
this wind changed to a storm very soon
and roared in its full rage
all were awakened, some from laze,
some from silence and some for grace,
it was a sight to behold,
it doesn't happen every day,
when people come out to see air
and find its voice in their ears,
while hope gives way to life,
and makes its presence felt,
that goodness prevails even today
and pain make hearts melt,
no one would forget such a sight
whne truth spoke last night.

Change is here

Speak up now, now itself
get up before we fall,
go on and make this move
if we don't stand up now
who'll speak up for you
who'll change lost course
either in verse or in prose
where will the flocks unite
killed, gagged with empty sight
when are we to let kids grow
along with peace, trust uphold
who is the one to raise his hand
ask his questions and clear his mind
for those causes of lonely theft,
under this strange voice left behind
where rich get richer and poorer die
hopeless eyes and dried lies,
where are those causing distress,
where are those leader's impact,
waited too much, too much for a life,
lets get up and move each and all
before our people die and fall!