Sunday, June 24, 2012


City. Diversity. Crowded. Migrants. Music. Local. Fear. Traffucked. Corrupt. Malls. Dust. Cricket. Office. Netas. Bollywood. Slums. Monsoon. Pigeons. Wonderful. Gully. Sweat. Honk. Parsis. Vadapav. Education. 26/11. Piss. Accidents. Kaapi. Welcoming. Pandu. Udupi. Death. Hatred. SoBo. Pickpockets. Heat. Filth. Smells. Tweetups. Sachin. Trains. BPO. Potholes. Dilapidation. Tourists. Multilingual. Blood. Superpoor. Dabbawallahs. Bandstand. Chaos. Fashion. Comedy. Midday. Goons. Sun. Radio. Crows. Prithvi. Eunuchs. Obesity. Reclamation. Teachers. Unwonderful. Love. Hawkers. Tolerance. Skyscrapers. Mysterious. BEST. Superrich. 26/7. Shit. Commoners. Time. Wordless. Nourishing. Queues. Chai. Hoardings. Friends. Smog. Gulzar. Noisy. Trepidation. Worst. Mongrels. Rave. Undersated. Overrated. Chinese. Network. Island. Kolis. Cuss. Festivals. Mangroves. Sparrows. Life. 

PS: A friend asked me to describe the city in 100 words. So 100 words it is. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Restrain order

One month ago, I realized that I must quit pretending that I can write. Just like four years ago, I acknowledged the painful death of a murmuring poet in me. Of course, I am being dramatic since that didn't stop me from spewing horribly bad poems later. But this is another story altogether. Anyway, what I'm trying to emphasize here is the urgency to learn something and work on it. I discovered that I'm not attuned enough to take writing seriously. Which is why I'm not a published writer yet. Or better still, I don't post pieces on my blog regularly (if posting four articles a month is regular) like I once used to. It has indeed relieved me of a burden to impress myself considering the fact that I don't play to an empty gallery. Unlike on Twitter. There is an ample crowd of vellas there who bother to pay attention—not to mention react—to your crap. Speaking of which, I'm restraining myself from spending too much time on the timeline either. Fortunately, I'm successfully overcoming the urge to share pseudo-wisdom in less than 140 characters. Yes, there was an era when I used to post one-liner after one-liner on random topics. Sometimes even on topics that don't care to exist. Besides, penning mindless one-liners is way too easier than drafting lengthy sensible paragraphs! Having said that, I'm just 35 km away from attaining virtual nirvana. And I've got to tweet this thought that's jogging in my head after publishing this whatever y'all just read.