Monday, November 19, 2007

Finest doggerels of all time

I’m tired of the face I’ve got,
I’m tired of my heart inside
I’m tired of everything that breathes
I’m tired but I can’t go to sleep…
Better were the days, no more indeed
When I laughed at my present
& cried all night
At least no more was my grief to greet
Wasn’t I the only walking alone?
Slowly the ambiance showed its hue
And I lost my sanity to fate……
Some choose death and some choose life
and some get trapped in the gap within
none wants to die, for the love of life
all wish to survive and see all sides
how feeble man gets when the truth reckons
humble mind speaks, heart never listens
saga it is and saga do lie
our life is a beauty in the faintest light
we want the sun to never set,
neither the moon to get upset
our reasons are hapless and questions too
a few tried to change but died in the loop
God is kind but he is busy, sort of.

Drunks don't go far

Drunks don’t go that far
They can’t move their dreams
They won’t die the day as well
For they wish to stay, not leave
Their friends are ever awake
The glasses, shades and drink
Drunks don’t go that far
They can’t move their dreams
They won’t die the day as well
For they wish to stay, not leave
Their friends are ever awake
The glasses, shades and drink!

Ending steps
This skin will nest maggots on end
No sign of me stays through long
My breath won’t kick dust, no more
Within it will move death inward?
Who was I ever to smell soil?
Besides the token name I’ve got
Few drops of cry won’t last
And some words of tales, lost
Under this cloud I had moved by
Sucked in air and warmth of light
Seen some dreams in dark night
Loved some, hated few all in life
May I’ll never return back in sight
May I’ll never see my face
May this stays the longest time
i ever thought i could make...

Forgotten days

‘Some days are meant to fade away
some roads we leave and move ahead’
these words were who consoled me then
can’t say the same right now again!
I do feel good to breath this life,
life that could’ve never touched my sight
but that smile do occurs at night
and that face which can’t lie
flooding my thoughts,
belying my convictions,
stabbing my freedom,
freedom to think the way I like!
Many eyes confronts and moves aside
but that smile stay on, alone
as if to provoke my careless state
and question me for my loneliness
innocence pervades bellicose debate
debate which wins down her gaze
can’t say how much I miss those days
better off like the man they dreamt,
albeit I can’t deny my dismal way
still that ‘sparkle niche’ brings disdain!
my head shuns onto higher aim,
aim to curb this baloney instead!

Friendship days
No days can match my days with you
filled my life with words and hue
you my friend, you know me good
may not remember the days we ruled
but I do, the moments had sped
we grew up tied up like fools!
had our times in bad and hope
you were there, as it always showed
a friend like you, needed, more than food
though my life has changed much
yet not seen anyone closer than you
your place is in my heart’s door
day to celebrate may come and go
but our friendship won’t escape this truth
we are and we will be as we should
held by breath and goodwill could,
never leave our touch for eternal world!

The sound that grumbles in my ear
are not the voice of song or odes
It is the deep pain of those in fear
out of their home and onto street
No one knows the grave reason
for this disruption and this commotion
yet going through this season
deepened in sanguine ocean…dead
permeated smell of blood on floor
someone, anyone, lets get forward
try out something, anything new
ask the killers to stop their bullets
“let my people on land live!”
the surly fever wraparound me
I hold a pen in my weak fingers
covered in shivers of shrouded cry
asking for kindness to smile.

Stains of war

Blood has spilled, rain bade bye
Sun still kissing the wounds alive
Roads are waiting, traveler’s unseen
Is it a beginning or end, it seems’
Days ago, kids were out
Days ago, kitchens smelt fine
Days ago, smiles did smiled
Days ago, veins flowed strong.
Story has changed, curtains stained
Some surviving on dusky breath
Others forsaken by angels of death
God visited but he too left
Didn’t say a word; simply wept.

Unheard words
These are just words…..endless words
Words that means none to some
Still for others, on abode of love
These are just words…..poems
Lost in middle of waves to clash
Just like words of budding truth
Alone nowhere in forest of wild fruits
Tasted sin and did some good
These words never meant so much
Between silence and chaos indeed.

Birthday thanks

Some days are long, some go too short,
but in between, a few, keeps the rest apart
very unique, serene and subtle,
These days stands tall on our year' crown
when our friends are born
may be, this day took quite a long ago
lost in the mist of history, left nowhere to go
when the Great Hands thought for a change
this friend of mine happened on such a day
she might have been angelic then
but she hasn't been any less graceful hence
life has its corner, its no empty circle
things take place in a spate of chance
world and its rules leave no time to see,
the beauty behind our birth, its endless mysteries
we are dragged on and we move too fast
having no question to ponder or ask,
we earn a few friends that stand along
some due clouded in mundane stroll
This day is too short to celebrate this gift
every moment's in debt to that heavenly deal
when he thought it right to twist in trends
and let you end up as my lovely friend!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

A rebel without a clause

All our sorry life, we want to prove our self, be it in carom, cards or funny races. Remember the time when we were kids with hardly a just notion of our personal self and underestimated curiosity, this was the period when we truly got ingrained and embedded with the virus of victory. I also find it interesting that I was always a choker, somebody with speed and pace then eventual loser of no means. My parents were not that pushy, may be they were too busy trying to put food on the table and presses on our uniforms.

We don't want to lose because we are too afraid to peek into our own little prejudice towards our negativity, our downfall and succumbing maudlin. Nonetheless we start perceiving our self in the same way the framework of the world allots. The greatest and greats are remembered not for their unbridling achievements but for their audacity to stand apart and create a tiding s of their wish with hurdling a feather gone astray. i wonder if we would want to remember Achilles or his stupid eponymous enunciation, but for the sake that he dared to test his fate on scale on that ship with black flag! There are many examples, be it Einstein's eccentricity or Mohammad Ali's penchant for controversial standpoints, or Rimbaud's nubile love. All these tales inspire us to stay wide eyed and bow.
We don't poems, or for that case, any essential display of complicated art. We don't want to be subservient in any way, be it Da Vinci competing with our folly. But one thing is for sure, some day out of nothing, we'll get reckoned back to reality and see for our self that we were everything but correct and in that fateful moment, we'll want to get noticed and said some beautiful words that don't exist elsewhere but in challenged realm of words and unspoken wisdom.