Thursday, March 12, 2009

First smooth bike ride... vvvrrrrrooooooooom

This morning, i did something which i had attempted to do quite some time ago, in fact about 4 years ago but failed miserably-----riding a motorbike. But today, at just before dawn, after heading for home from office, as usual i was pillion seated and out of sudden i asked my dear friend Tushar to let me drive his Enticer and for his kind n laidback nature, he allowed me.

And i was getting all jittery with the long-forgotten instructions of neutral-kick-clutch-gear-vroom. But after 4 futile attempts at kicking the damn pedal, Tush took pity n at last got the motor roaring... now was the time to hold the clutch and gear one, followed by the hardest part of leaving the clutch slowly along with triggering the accelerator and quite strangely, i got it right and off i go....into the darkness of freedom n liberation!!!!

This ride will be memorable for a long time to come coz I'd decided quite a long time ago that I'll always be the pillion-seated rubbernecking the views around and free of worry... but after getting my successful kick (or shud i say, ride) today, I'm thinking of pursuing this skill... must say, the ride was gr8 and i wish i learn the basics of using brakes, changing gears and riding like a pro...coz me, Tush, Danny n Deeva r thinking of riding to Goa on bike!!!

Now the interesting thing abt today's ride was how i stopped the bike n believe me, even Valentino Rossi wud have been proud to see how i applied the brake along with rising accelerator... it skid a good two meter apart and then wobbled as if the bike was scared of its rider!!! Good biking and gr8 life is awaiting me....vvvvrrrooommmm


Shetty said...

But i was the one to witness his scary poo face when he drifted the bike and was about to fell in the muddy water and his asthmatic expression when he was about to press the brakes.....

The ride was smooth but the legs were shaky...right?

Raju Krish said...

Nice Try dude...........m sure ill c u in F1.........;)....lolzzzzz

lost_scotoma said...

How abt GP then? can match up with Rossi anytime!