Saturday, January 8, 2011


Boredom is the most happening thing on this planet. And I'm sure it is not restricted to humankind alone. Seen birds and animals doing nothing but trying to be still? Exactly! That's what I'm talking about.

As far as I know there are 24 hours in a day and out of these 24 hours, about one-third is spent on sleeping in its various forms. And that leaves less than 16 hours to "live". So the real question is how much time is actually "lived" and not "bored". Now don't get into etymological pogrom and insist that even being bored is part of the grand scheme called living process. Trust me, it's not. Living is to be alive, not zombified. In fact, we shouldn't worry much about nuclear proliferation when boredom proliferation is a bigger and more immediate threat to our existence. That sounds like exaggeration, isn't it? No, not really.

Roughly put, boredom is like being in a quicksand; the only difference is you don't sink. You are not aware when it strikes you but once you feel it, you want to escape it. Unless of course if you are working in an environment (read: office) where there is no such thing as an Escape button. And worse, if you are working graveyard shifts where your eyelids are put to test almost every single night and very thin line is left between being bored and being asleep. And then when you're caught napping on the desk, you exploit philosophy by saying "Eyelids are not meant to carry such burden of boredom!" and then you're promptly fired from the job. Happens.

I love talking about workplace and all the vagaries attached that pass of as occupational shite. Given a choice, boredom is anytime a favourite against workdom. Not many come to work to work. Most of them are here for the pay and if given an opportunity, they'll do everything but work. Any given day. You don't have to be a communist to know this. There are millions of us who would rather be bored to death than worked to death. So you see, now people are ready to get bored given they don't have to be productive at the same time. There are companies where employees hardly grind but stream videos online and spent time on social networking sites as if it will make their company's quarter-end graph kiss the face of sky.

You should be working in my office to know what different levels of boredom can do to your brain (or lack of it). Very few things may pique your interest when you're at the top of Mt. Boredom. But it's a good thing. Sometimes. Like you come up with stupid lines that you decide to tweet thinking, "Lo! There I break the code of this universe!" and then get back to fighting deadline. Under its spell, your mind is not completely dead and is gifted with the power of imagination. You think of better things in life than toiling for bread and butter – both of which you don't eat ANYMORE! But that's how it is. Everything gets boring after a while. Pessimism seeps into your soul and wait for the day your stupid heart will get bored of creating its beautiful beat music.

People have this very pathetic habit of taking credit for things they have nothing to do with. They all go ballistic when they are bored as if they invented boredom. Take a break. Breathe. It was always here. We are just passing through.

P.S. Since you are reading this crap, I owe you something. The tripe above doesn't make sense. I know. I wrote it as I was bored and so thought of boring you too. Anyway, do you hear that? That's boredom talking in a deeper voice.


Jayshree Dhabaria said...
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lost_scotoma said...

:)) ... thanks in a nonsensical way! :D

Madhu Nair said...

As i said..ur annoying power is super...hahahaha...never thought boredom would be interesting...hahahha

Pavan Daxini said...

Read this during a "Software Engineering" lab!
As a former engineering student, you must know, there couldn't have been a better time for me to say - "Agree with you, completely, sir!" :P

Shakti_Shetty said...

@Madhu ... hahaha..agreed!! :D

@Pavan... :) .. thanks for your time.