Friday, August 5, 2011

The monk who never sold his old bike

Einstein and I share a liking for bicycle, violin and sailing. Okay. I haven't touched a violin nor sailed yet but I’ve got to start somewhere, right? You see, I like to think of myself as a very simple guy. Not because I am one but because I like to believe I am. Even my bicycle agrees with me. After all, we are friends. What are friends for other than pretending to think alike? As for the simple-guy-fantasy, someday I may not show up coz I'd be in Himalayas to fulfill my pursuit of becoming the monk who sold his bicycle. Yeah, something of that sort!

I’ve got to admit I love my bicycle dearly. But thanks to the kind of road we Indians are blessed with, it’s a tumultuous affair. In a more philosophical words, every once in a while we end up loving those who keep disappointing us. That's precisely the kind of relationship I share with my ‘cycle. He doesn’t appreciate my choice of riding under heavy rainfall with my windcheaters on. Maybe he gets cold. Whatever. Bicycles aren't supposed to be emotional. And it’s not his fault but he’s getting old like me and showing signs of infirmity.

It’s all right as long as the wheels are spinning.

Lately, while riding home, my bicycle turns nostalgic reminiscing the good ole days when there used to be a decent road instead of ruthless potholes. Anyway, I try to keep him well-groomed and oiled. Getting killed because of faulty brakes may sound heroic in Tour de France, not here. Moreover, no matter what, I often end up with a flat tyre. If you are a cycle-rider too, you must have noticed by now that a flat tyre is bicycle's way of demonstrating who is faster amongst you two. If you are not, think about it. I know this all thanks to the quality time I share with my bicycle. In fact, many a times, talking to my punctured bicycle while walking it home turns out to be the highlight of the day.

Me: “How far out can you take me from this society?”

Bicycle: “I know you're a teetotaler so stop talking like a boozer!”

By the way, do you remember the childhood thrill of riding a bicycle for the very first time on your own? You do? Well, that experience won't repeat itself again. Ever. This may sound cornier than I intend it to be but trust me when I say this – those moments may get lost in the labyrinth of our memory but nothing can possibly beat it. Deal with it.

Besides, bicycle is THE vehicle of the future. That’s a given. When this planet will be out of oil and all the misdeeds associated with its procurement, all of us will be going Dutch. And by Dutch, I don’t mean splitting the cost equally or something. I’m referring to the Netherlands’ love for cycling. Even today on a busy highway, the one riding a ‘cycle is the odd man (sneaking) out of the maddening rush.

Since I started with a narcissistic paragraph, let me end with one. I want everyone to know that I'm the only guy in my office that commutes by bicycle. Ergo, I'm saving the environment for your kids. In legal terms, each one of you owes me big time! Also, I’m the only known superhero who prefers to be a messiah who can’t walk on water but can balance himself on two wheels!!


Aurindam Mukherjee said...

Well, if you have any future interest in learning violin, then you can safely call me up. :D

As for the post - Lovely.

All hail thee!

Anonymous said...

Am soon going to buy a cycle .. as soon as i learn how to ride !

lovely post ..

Sunil (Harry Potter) said...

That's your side of the story...Now I want to hear from the bicycle's mouth mouth, what it has to say about you... and don't you dare threaten it to keep its mouth shut.

Unmesh Ghadi said...

good one shakti.. read ur post aftr q8 a while...but made me feel to write one :)
wish your could have read this post too :)

Anonymous said...

Miss those days of cycling, relived those moments as i went through the post. And Yes cycle is the future and Still cycling is my all time favorite exercise at gym.

Parmesh Rudra Joshi said...

I'd paraprank Thoreou here..."Rather than hefty bank balances, glitzy gizmos, trendy and furious on wheels...give bicycle.

Scribbles! said...

2 thumbs up to u! When I talked about riding a cycle to work.. people laughed..but well I did nothing abt cycle died...I let it rot..n I continue to pollute the world!

I miss my bike :(

Scribbles! said...

Adding to my previous comment...
Great blog...went through some of was a quite a nice read. keep writing.

Cheers :)

A S said...


I miss my cycle too yaar :(

nicely written post :)