Sunday, October 23, 2011

the Bucket List stops here

Everyone has a Bucket List. No, not the DVD of that senior citizen movie (nor the torrent considering how deep we’ve dived into the Somalia-less ocean of internet piracy). I mean the real deal. We may not jot down on a paper or notepad lest someone accuses us of being pedantic but it’s always hovering in the backyard of our empty mind. These are those stuff that you wish to accomplish before you go back to hell and brag in front of His Evilness Devil himself. The list could include anything from watching Elvis perform live (he ain't dead) to visiting El Dorado (yeah, it exists) to tapping a Playboy model (die, Hefner, die). Ahem. I got carried away there. Regardless, Bucket List is a must-have, especially when you are sure that you are not immortal.

A Bucket List is very similar to the one we prepare at the very beginning of the year. Like every January, we invent this huge list of to-dos which we resolve never to do. On the contrary, they do us. Likewise, there ought to be a list that addresses the disappointments and the apparent adaptations-cum-modifications required to fill the vacuum of a lifetime. In fact, the only difference between Bucket List and New Year Resolutions is there isn't a movie titled on the latter YET!

Just to give a peek into how a Bucket List should NOT look like. Here's mine. It is a bit haphazard, to say the least; but honest, to say the most. Just lying.

Bucket List #01:-Tame the Fail Whale and then take it for a long ride.
Bucket List #02:- Reach the top of Mt. Everest and burp loudly.
Bucket List #03:- Conserve Tulu-speaking tigers (whatever that means).
Bucket List #04:- Find a heart that's made of glass. And break it.
Bucket List #05:- Unlearn to sing in my crowf-ed voice.
Bucket List #06:- Rewrite (in)human history.
Bucket List #07:- Check into Hotel California and then leave.
Bucket List #08:- Fluently talk like Marlon Brando in Godfather sans the toilet paper.
Bucket List #09:- Pen a script on Orwell’s life and persuade Sean Penn to take the leading role as well produce the movie.
Bucket List #10:- Get laid.
Bucket List #11:- Bag a Nobel Prize for letting others win Booker, Pulitzer and whatnot.
Bucket List #12:- Quit passive smoking.
Bucket List #13:- Write a song in favour of arranged marriages just for the heck of it.
Bucket List #14:- Fcuk off for real.
Bucket List #15:- Die on the last Sunday of my life.
Bucket List #16:- Learn break dancing to Vande Mataram in the background.
Bucket List #17:- Discover new colors.
Bucket List #18:- Strike out all the previous seven inanities mentioned and focus hard on #10.
Bucket List #19:- Make an offer that got refused the first time around.
Bucket List #20:- Learn to write the way Obama does with a twisted wrist.
Bucket List #21:- Quit social media sooner or later…whichever happens later.

Come to think of it, every little thing we do must be a part of someone else' Bucket List. By that logic, we are all living each other's dreams.


SunSandRain said...

I am sure you have a much better (more sensible) bucket list in real life. Liked what I read. I will be back for more. :)

Anonymous said...

Lists are not relative but more of real desires which we long whole life.

Milady said...

Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me--I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com