Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Him Advising Her

Don’t listen to them, ignore what you hear

They’re just a crowd
They’ve got to talk
Don’t be selfish, give them something to gossip about
Your moves invite envy for a reason
Your gaze has a story of her own
What’s the point in staying coy
When there are gaits to be shown?
Beauty chose you while you were fast asleep
It’s beyond you – it’s beyond them, too
Live your life as per you wish
Like living-things are supposed to be
Grinless yet smiling
Strong yet fragile
Hold yourself high for the days are few and nights, dark
The memory will play with your youth no matter what
So better make it worthwhile
There’s no need to bow if your heart doesn’t ask you to
You are wonderful as you are
Far more than just what the word ‘unique’ has to say
Your wicked chortle shall echo in the minds of your loved ones
Waiting for their eyes to be flooded again
Akin to the wind that carries the weather wherever it wants
Stay yourself
If sad, write some painful verses
For you are a part of something bigger than anything else
And wilder than the universe’s imagination
Nothing ends with you except your thoughts
As well as your laughs
They know you are used to forgiving
As a question mark at the end of a meaningless sentence
You are nature personified
You'll stay unbeknownst to them yet seen.


Thais said...

I would like to believe that this is my poem as well. :D Oh boy... <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Wow! I envy 'Her' who has 'Him'. Wonderful write. I already am a big fan of your tweets and now this. Keep writing. :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome as always.. i keep waiting for the posts these days :D

Nilay said...

Wow, amazing. Actually, this is how we are all supposed to live or as you wrote, 'thrive'.
loved it...

Nimue said...

Sooper wow !!
Loved every line ! totally..

ross said...

How Accurate! You put a big Smile on my face :)

Mehvish Abubakar said...

This is SO beautiful, Shakti! Instantly cheered me up :)