Friday, October 19, 2012

Birthday girl

The white flower placed over her ear
greets you even before her face does the same;
Some personalities are loud, some insane,
Many are considered few amongst the rest,
Some are overlooked nonetheless.
But she's neither of them: unique yet not subtle.
She talks with the command of an age she hasn't grown yet
— youth and life and pain and strife and truth;
In any case, you end up listening to what she has to say.
It's difficult not to pay attention when her questionnaire makes your day!
There's a mischievous laughter that echoes
despite her words not intending so.
Maybe that's the beauty of an innocent soul, 
coiled inside that cast of a tough modern girl.
The classic maternal touch is evident like a 24-hour sun
When she feeds you while you pretend to be famished,
or about to die
and even when you're not.
All you've got to do is ask and whine a bit,
her drawer never disappoints you.
Like her heart and eyes, it's always full...
Perhaps finding a friend with food is oasis personified.
Perhaps finding a good friend today is life personified.   

NB: This doggerel (if you don't wish to call it a poem) is dedicated to Avantika, a dear friend and a lovely colleague.