Friday, November 9, 2012

The bicycle theives

He was returning home early morning. The sun was still asleep and he was on his bicycle. Since his workplace was barely 1.5km away from his residence, he thought it was a wise decision to overlook public transport. However, this particular morning was going to make him revisit his intelligence. Such was his bad luck that two huge fellas forced him to abruptly apply brakes. They wanted him to hand over his phone but fortunately, his absent-mindedness came to his recuse. He had left it behind in his office. So they turned their attention towards cash—his cash, to be precise. Being someone who doesn't carry money, he assumed that they'd leave him alone. But being mistaken came naturally to him. They weren't going to give up so easily. They searched his bag for wallet but he didn't have any cash. You can't defeat a poor person, can you? In any case, he had to reveal in the end that he indeed had some Sodexo food coupons worth Rs340 on him which they might be interested in robbing. He handed over to them and the burly idiots let him go. While peddling towards home, he couldn't hide his smile because he couldn't understand how he managed to hide his bicycle which was clearly worth more than 340 bucks!

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shimmeringmoonlight said...

We tend to overlook the obvious.....human nature !