Sunday, December 16, 2012

Asleep for good!

Everybody leaves their home sooner or later. One can't stay in the nest for long. The little boy of our story seemed to be in a hurry though. All of seven, he was already fed up of his family's dysfunctionality. Apparently, circumstances left him with nothing but the decision to leave. So as a part of preparations for the tough life that lays ahead of him, he stuffed all his comic books into his satchel and filled the water-bottle too. He wanted to leave his house that very night but then he reminded himself he's way too young to be not afraid of darkness. In the end, he also convinced himself that waking up early and carrying out his plan would serve him better. With that delightful thought, he resigned himself to sleep. At dawn, the sun rose up. The cock followed suit. However, our hero remained in his bed. After a hour or so, his mother woke him up with a smile that was nowhere else to be found. All his anger evaporated at that very instance. It was one of those moments when you're glad for not being able to wake up on time.


shimmeringmoonlight said...

This story somehow reminds me of that ad where this little boy's plan to leave home evaporates at the very mention of 'jalebis'!......True,mothers will always be mothers.....inexhaustible well of love......7 or 70.....who can turn their back on her! Btw.....this 7 yr old sounds like a real cutie pie :-)

Anonymous said...

Musings of the night strangle one's very being. Yet, surprisingly morning evaporates the forced delusions.

Power of the bright dawn-power of the matriarchy.