Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bengali trial

Something has been going on in Bangladesh for quite some time now. People spilled out onto the streets not because they are worried about their future but because they don't want their past to be falsely represented. It's not a revolution though. Far from it, in fact. It seems apt the honour it deserves. Without getting into the nitty-gritties of this South Asian aberration—if you will—let's look at the bigger picture. No matter what happens there, B'desh will always be known as a Muslim majority nation. Albeit it's true, we must acknowledge the ground realities and distinctions between a Muslim and the Arab culture. Most of the time, they are confused to be similar. (One doesn't have to look very far for a taste of this historical baloney. By the way, the country on our west is paying an exorbitant price for the same.) To rub it in, the case doesn’t help either when a lot of these so-called Islamic countries actually aspire to be counted as an extended version of Arabs themselves. On the very contrary, Bangladesh is firmly rooted in its indigenous culture, languages (yes, there are other tongues spoken too apart from Bengali) and outlook. The restless days and nights at Shahbag Chowk in Dhaka rechristened as Projonmo Chottor or New Generation Circle where mostly young B’deshis are craving for the death of the main 1971 war crimes accused is an example. Notably, most of them haven’t witnessed the ghastly acts that eventually led to liberation. And it doesn't matter as they are hellbent on removing the stains of the past. This movement shows that there's much more to come. Especially with the youth reasserting its identity and a not-so-pleasant election on its way.

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