Tuesday, December 1, 2015

All rise, silly!

Yes, the sun is intolerant. Nobody matches it when it comes to intolerance. Doesn't give a shit about what the season is. It's the greatest troll out there (a bigger troll than God herself) in India. Will make sure you don't have a great hair day. Will burn you, irrespective of what the Met Department wants. On second thought, our sun is a constant reminder of how we are as people. It is with us the way we are with our fellow humans. Aren't we a nation filled with silly people who refuse to stand up for national anthem only to heckled out of the room by over-patriotic sillies? It's a never-ending game of one person trying to outscore another's silliness. And while we are at it, a silly cartoon has offended a silly group of overzealous people who earlier cried foul that this country couldn't even ensure the safety of a great artist like MF Hussain. I hope everybody here gets a grip because the sun ain't going to budge under any circumstances.  

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SARA said...

Nailed It! Always a pleasure reading you.