Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Just another day

Waking up with alarm ringing and the sound slowly seeping into your dream, all you want to do is stay unperturbed , as if these mundane obligation won't touch you in any way but it always does. Then the same vituperative discussion on future -whats my validity or in some words, am i going earn something or not?...endless dream of playing soccer in Old Trafford or serve-volleying Federer or sharing screen with De Niro or more feasibly, travel alone in a train compartment with no crowd around you breathing right into your lungs! These idyllic prespectives supports a kind of buoyancy which in turn works both end- you dream as if dreaming helps you stay afloat of all undying tension or stand confronted with queries that substantiates your diminshing chance of making it subtly unique in society. I don't know about others. Some worked their loin down till they were weary but achieved what they wanted in life but thats not the same with everyone else. Sometimes you want to jump off the board & experience destruction or just feel the gush of life in that moment.... may be I'm wrong but that's the truth!

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Imagination said...

Wow! straight from the heart. :)... I am actually glad that, with your words you have proven to the world that you were/ are right in creating a path of your own. Great going. :)