Tuesday, July 17, 2007

No more eternity

Everyday we hear someone die or someone born.... we as a part of social circus try our best to stay 'touched' by both of these inevitable occurrence.... either with eulogistic words or perfunctory smirk. For world 's sake we were a lot better when the world was bit too primitive... at least we never faked anything, either we killed or got devoured. Today our sense of retirement or involvement speaks volume of what we are or who we really want to be. My dad is a good man, at least that's what he had personified since the days i remember but his thought of survival was very grim & no hassle.. he worked as a floor scrubber at a point & then even went on to flex his sinews on stage.....so in a motif, he truly survived not having to give up what he thought was beautiful or objective.....that isn't the case today,we are too steeped of with hardly any tendency towards 'dignity of labour'! If i speak for myself, i have seen people who were nabobs during partition & now their descendants are pulling rickshaws or embroidering for means. We are lost in our space, we too climbed up the stairs like others and we too will gulp mud like dinos did... no religious inference, whatsoever! Man was scared in the beginning then he realized that fire and fear can't survive together so he handed fire and let fear behind. That was a brave decision - he overcame mammoths eventually, the whole podium of animal kingdom. Today, i don't know for sure but it seems we will go down the dinosaur way- either by fate or internal war for water or other resources of survival. Till then, lets guess.

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Imagination said...

The eternal choice between 'fire & fear'. Well said. :)