Monday, November 19, 2007

Birthday thanks

Some days are long, some go too short,
but in between, a few, keeps the rest apart
very unique, serene and subtle,
These days stands tall on our year' crown
when our friends are born
may be, this day took quite a long ago
lost in the mist of history, left nowhere to go
when the Great Hands thought for a change
this friend of mine happened on such a day
she might have been angelic then
but she hasn't been any less graceful hence
life has its corner, its no empty circle
things take place in a spate of chance
world and its rules leave no time to see,
the beauty behind our birth, its endless mysteries
we are dragged on and we move too fast
having no question to ponder or ask,
we earn a few friends that stand along
some due clouded in mundane stroll
This day is too short to celebrate this gift
every moment's in debt to that heavenly deal
when he thought it right to twist in trends
and let you end up as my lovely friend!

1 comment:

Imagination said...

Lovely poem Shakti. Your friend must be on cloud nine. :)