Thursday, November 1, 2007

A rebel without a clause

All our sorry life, we want to prove our self, be it in carom, cards or funny races. Remember the time when we were kids with hardly a just notion of our personal self and underestimated curiosity, this was the period when we truly got ingrained and embedded with the virus of victory. I also find it interesting that I was always a choker, somebody with speed and pace then eventual loser of no means. My parents were not that pushy, may be they were too busy trying to put food on the table and presses on our uniforms.

We don't want to lose because we are too afraid to peek into our own little prejudice towards our negativity, our downfall and succumbing maudlin. Nonetheless we start perceiving our self in the same way the framework of the world allots. The greatest and greats are remembered not for their unbridling achievements but for their audacity to stand apart and create a tiding s of their wish with hurdling a feather gone astray. i wonder if we would want to remember Achilles or his stupid eponymous enunciation, but for the sake that he dared to test his fate on scale on that ship with black flag! There are many examples, be it Einstein's eccentricity or Mohammad Ali's penchant for controversial standpoints, or Rimbaud's nubile love. All these tales inspire us to stay wide eyed and bow.
We don't poems, or for that case, any essential display of complicated art. We don't want to be subservient in any way, be it Da Vinci competing with our folly. But one thing is for sure, some day out of nothing, we'll get reckoned back to reality and see for our self that we were everything but correct and in that fateful moment, we'll want to get noticed and said some beautiful words that don't exist elsewhere but in challenged realm of words and unspoken wisdom.

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