Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Good things around me!!!

The world seems 2 b gettin better....coz UPA is back wid a thump n Rahul G reminds us of his dad n his squeaky clean image...Pakistan ws the 1st country 2 congratulate the new govt!...Obama is working its way wid Africa, starting wid Ghana which i believe is a stepping stone or shud i say, shot in the arm for African poverty...n wat else 2 feel happy abt?.. yes, Speaker in House of Commons ws made 2 step down due 2 some expense related controversy, thus rewriting a 300 yr record of not impeaching any speaker under any condition.... then there is Sharmila Tagore in colorful saree rubbing shoulders wid the like of Robin Wright, Baman Ghodabi and Saïd Taghmaoui.... n even Ash smiling away 2 camera-clicks!... wat else?... yup, then the new Poet Laureate is a woman 4 the 1st time ever... n she's a lesbian too!! can't get better!!!.... then LTTE having a funeral down south, no more "world's most successful terrorist outfit tag to carry n worry"....Ang Sang Suu Kyi too seem 2 gather thin hope of getting free at last coz protests hv never been so loud b it Paris or Durban.....AR Rehman will work in a full-fledge Holly movie 4 the 1st time ever, Federer smiled after a long time, Phelps showed his human side (i mean in pool, he showed his demonic side bit earlier wid dat pot!!!)... then there's my home in Sanpada which i never liked 2 return bt rite now i just can't wait 2 get bck 2 my abode coz i kno no1 is there waiting 4 me n dat feeling is so feelsome!!!!...just 4 a change, wanted 2 c wat is gud abt my ambiance!!!

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