Saturday, May 2, 2009

Voted for the 1st time n felt all patriotic n empowered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So my motherland India is having its general election and i stay in Mumbai so we had our poll yesterday and this was the first time i ever voted in a 'political' the excitement all started a while ago, long before yesterday... coz i too like most of my fellow youths didn't believed in voting corrupt politicians to power (and let me remind you that today, politicals bigshots in India are not like Gandhi or Patel or... in simple words, most of them are easy sleazeballs hungry for power) so i wasn't keen to exercise my adult franchise.

But in February this year, i came across an article on Hindustan Times that kind of questioned our youth's apathy which they have started confusing for anarchy! Simple procrastination is now perceived as defiance of "old world order". Most of the youth don't want to be active in any program that doesn't bother directly with their career and luxury. This is very much evident with the lack of student protests which is hardly seen on our streets like the way it is pronounced and visible in other major cities.

I don't wish to sound like a total renegade here going all against my city just because i dared to vote this time for my very first time but the ground reality is youth is getting wasted on youth, like they say.

Coming back to my voting experience, well there's hardly anything to add coz the whole affair got over in less than 15 minutes i guess so there's hardly anything to say about it except that the indigo-mark they left on my middle finger nail is flashed around innocently!!!! But still its a bit more than just saddening that only 43%, give or take, turned out this time for voting and for a city that breathes life every single moment, its a sign of complete disregard to the call of civil duty. The truth remains that democracy came too easily to India whereas to the CIS nations, they had to face a mighty long-faced Commie govt....

"Voting doesn't change things overnight but it atleast gives you an opportunity to throw around your valuable rejections...."

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