Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hippie in Me

One of the biggest regrets I have in my life is that I got late. I got late by not minutes or hours or years but by decades. I missed the Hippie Movement that rocked the world in the 60s.

I never fit in anything I do today. Be it at work or home or any miscellaneous things at large. I’m a perfect misfit so may be I’m born into the wrong generation. Its no surprise that my tendency to stay unkempt give rise to the word “Hippie” everywhere I go!

This introspection or rather a superficial retrospection got kick started last weekend when I watched Ang Lee’s “Taking Woodstock” which revolves around the time when Hippies were making their presence felt, not only in their solitude and insular state of life but also in their gregarious flocking towards the finest of music, smoke and drugs.

The last time I asked myself these questions was when I watched Sean Penn-directed “Into the Wild” that follows Christopher McCandless’s solo journey into the white of Alaska and his eventual death from wild berry poisoning at the tender age of 24. That movie too made an emergent impact on my psyche and kept me glued even in my subconscious array of thoughts. I know this sounds exaggerated but you don’t know me. Neither do I!

The funny thing about these movies is that they both star “Emile Hirsh”. I’m pretty sure he is one the vanguards of Hollywood for future, thanks to mature acting and daring choice of movie scripts.

Coming back to me, I think I got late. Or else I too would have swayed to the beats of drums and strums of guitars and ripples of Sitar! As far as growing my locks is concerned, it isn’t an issue (no matter how much my Ma tried to taunt me to chop them off!!) and for career or any other societal bonds goes, I’ve been disconnected from the real world since I came to know of its existence.

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gairo said...

In one of your post(i don't know which one) you expressed your view on how the Indian film industry lack films on cross country journey. I don't know if you had seen Dev Benegal's 'ROAD, MOVIE' or not but it somewhat suffice the thirst for such movies or at least close enough to emulate the same effect.