Monday, February 15, 2010

Meeting school friends

I’ve been avoiding school friends since I dropped out of engineering and joined English Literature. Honestly speaking, I started avoiding everything that relates to engineering memory, school included. But yesterday, on Valentine’s Day, I decided to forego my past and attended a small get-together of 8 friends from school and the funny thing is I hardly interacted with them during my school days. I’m happy I took the decision to join them.

The whole thing was Aasif’s idea who is one heck of a zealous guy and he decided the venue too. I must have reached there by 6 or something and was shy like a squirrel. The reason was simple. I know them all and have a bit of history with almost all of them but haven’t kept in touch since leaving school. So breaking the ice was all formal followed by the release of laughter and ridiculous jokes and leg-pulling session that carried on for the next two hours or so.

I usually sound nostalgic whenever I speak of my school days because they weren’t exactly the best days of my life like I keep reiterating in stressful office. But I can’t deny the fact that it wasn’t bad either. I was reticent, pedantic, stupid and boring when I was younger and the people I met at the get-together remember me by the same profile. They didn’t expect me to be frank and jocular like Lejoy (my best buddy from school and former-colleague) or Aasif so I made the most of silence and my stupid smirk, paused by speeches on issues around us that almost killed the gathered joy!!!!

Talking of the friends I met, most are well educated in the sense that they earned their degree and some are even contemplating PG and whatnot so I’m dragged to self-pity for my degreeless status! But like Anu says, “Its better to kill yourself than pitying yourself.”

After this cheerful meet, I’m sure there is no better way to celebrate a day with long lost friends and acquaintances. Valentine Day hardly means anything to my eternal singlehood but I must say yesterday’s V-Day was the best of all time. Hope it repeats itself again and again in the coming days too.

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