Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Go back to your caves!

All of a sudden, some thoughts just visited my mind and before they ditch me, its better i type them down.
See, it all started in the caves. Yes, you read it right, caves. That’s where we all come from and if you ask me, that’s where we’ll return. We were never in a garden called Eden, in the first place. It’s just a bogus story that's sadly more popular than water. We all are caves-folks who don’t look like one anymore but feel free to act in similar fashion as per circumstance.
As we started leaving our caves, we learnt more and more and eventually got ourselves into an eternal quest of progress. We were brave and that is evident in the fact that we traveled a long way from being nothing to being something, overcoming almost everything and apparently taking a reverse back to nothing. I say so because, if we look at our history, our success is not only astonishing but also unparalleled in animal kingdom. In simpler words, we defeated animal kingdom to rule over it. And lo! where we are today!
We succeeded long before science and math entered the picture. Of course, S&M has played a titanic role in making us what we are today. It has given us choices we can’t refuse. Well, the sad part is there are too many choices and we want them all. We won the war of survival but the fight against Nature is prevalent even today. Needless to say, it’s a wrong war. We can never beat Nature by replacing indigenous wild habitat with severe human encroachment. We see failure every single day, yet we choose to ignore it.
Here’s exact where cave-mentality jumps in. When you are in a cave, you see things myopically. Everything is constrained. Your thoughts are frame-worked your rationality is handicapped with nearsighted objectives, enormously trivial. Even today, people are mostly sensitive about irrelevant things like religion and nationalistic ego but don’t give a damn about ground realities like failing environment and plastic choking Earth. We are largely bellicose and irrational when panic decides to test us. Whenever the time arrives for us to act, we either act as we don’t know what to do or as someone who is deaf and blind, or both. Of course, there are exceptions but like we all know, they are in the sweet minority.
Enough of cave-folks analogy (read: nonsense) for now. Time for some music. Yeah!
A very dear friend of mine (whom i can't thank enough and haven't thanked enough) suggested Enjoy The Ride and its been on my eardrums since. Awesome lyrics and music by a not-so-well-known band called ‘Morcheeba’.
Once you're done with the song. Go back to your caves.


Soumyaranjan Dash said...

Really. The music is soothing after the Cave story. :D

lost_scotoma said...

That was my way of compensating for the verbal trouble! :P