Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bloggers' Block

The trouble with maintaining a not-that-active blog is the need to write not-that-inactive post. And trust me, its far more difficult than it seems. Needless to say, much of the blame must squarely rest on procrastination. Also, you realize you are not the same person you used to be when it comes to writing subsequent paragraphs.

Apparently, you are not at all excited about your blog the way you were once upon a time. You used to post stupid poems, memorable anecdotes from your miserable life and how it could had been worse; strength of your blog’s ability to let you share your sorry-ness with poor bystanders who are gullible enough to read your pathetic state of affair; and then of course your “expert” views on everything from movies, sports to politics, and yes, also the belief that your blog is destroying this world one post at a time.

Not anymore.

These ideas wear off over time and apathy takes over. All of a sudden, you find yourself in a 140-character fix. Yes, I’m talking about Twitter. In the pre-Twitter era, you used to make notes on topics you wanted to blog on. But now, you are busy scribbling one-liners that sound funny enough to you, notwithstanding the fact that your followers are either sympathizing with your nonsense of humor or silently cursing you.

Of course, these are blatant excuses for not keeping up with your laziness. If only you were a bit organized and a little less tardy with blog-tweet balance, you wouldn’t have suffered the toil of typing this piece. There are always hundreds of ideas in your mind about what to write on but unlike before, you now don’t care to work on it. You are just too busy being tabulous and you are failing to explore your writing skills.

Anyways, these are my personal views about myself but I am mighty glad that I was able to write a new post. So job well done for me. Unfortunately, can’t say the same about you reading this crap. Better luck next time, if at all, it happens.

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