Sunday, June 24, 2012


City. Diversity. Crowded. Migrants. Music. Local. Fear. Traffucked. Corrupt. Malls. Dust. Cricket. Office. Netas. Bollywood. Slums. Monsoon. Pigeons. Wonderful. Gully. Sweat. Honk. Parsis. Vadapav. Education. 26/11. Piss. Accidents. Kaapi. Welcoming. Pandu. Udupi. Death. Hatred. SoBo. Pickpockets. Heat. Filth. Smells. Tweetups. Sachin. Trains. BPO. Potholes. Dilapidation. Tourists. Multilingual. Blood. Superpoor. Dabbawallahs. Bandstand. Chaos. Fashion. Comedy. Midday. Goons. Sun. Radio. Crows. Prithvi. Eunuchs. Obesity. Reclamation. Teachers. Unwonderful. Love. Hawkers. Tolerance. Skyscrapers. Mysterious. BEST. Superrich. 26/7. Shit. Commoners. Time. Wordless. Nourishing. Queues. Chai. Hoardings. Friends. Smog. Gulzar. Noisy. Trepidation. Worst. Mongrels. Rave. Undersated. Overrated. Chinese. Network. Island. Kolis. Cuss. Festivals. Mangroves. Sparrows. Life. 

PS: A friend asked me to describe the city in 100 words. So 100 words it is. 


Anonymous said...

#Epic : )


Manoj L said...

Nice :)

shimmeringmoonlight said...

And you are hopelessly in love with the city.... rt? ::-)

Nikita Banerjee Bhagat said...

Just right. You have described the very essence of the city!

AS said...

good one!

maximum city rocks indeed :)