Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Choooo Chweeeet!

   Bollywood seldom impresses me though it's definitely going through an interesting phase. And keeping in line with this emergence of a promising era, Anurag Basu's Barfi! is a delightful break from the usual crap. This film proves that there is hope. For a decent script to be transformed into a lovely cinematic experience aided by excellent performances. We're well aware what the majority of actors do in Hindi films. If you aren't, let me fill you in: They do everything except act. Perhaps it's beyond their dignity to put in a few hours of practice to get into the character before getting out of the vanity van. It's a shame that Michael Fassbender's penis knows more about acting than them (pun intended, of course).
    Speaking of intentions, the ensemble of Barfi! decided to do something different. A beautiful story was already in hand. All this project needed was a team that would bring something new to the table. Turns out that's exactly what happened. The cinematographer literally painted a picture. The musician who is often accused of plagiarism came up with the finest motif of all time in Hindi cinema, not to mention the soothing background score. Everything seemed in place. Acting was indeed a notch higher. Ranbir, Priyanka and Ileana—not to forget the rest of the cast—delivered an unforgettable buffet of moments.
    Speaking of memory, several instances make you laugh but the ones that will make you cry shall remain memorable. A story about a deaf-mute boy who can't be portrayed by any other actor except RK. No, Hrithik did a superb job as a semi-retard in Koi...Mil Gayi but this screenplay by Anurag had Ranbir tattooed all over it. And the young achiever couldn't disappoint. He doesn't have a single dialogue in the film but he says a lot with his Chaplinesque body language. His place as the finest actor of our generation is getting cemented. Steadily.
    Speaking of steadiness, PC is a gem battling glamour more than autism in the film. She merits mention for her thorough choice of scripts and gritty roles. Complementing her is the Bolly newbie Ileana D'Cruz. Not only is this Telugu star gorgeous but also one heck of a performer. Ileana proves why Nargis Fakhri wasn't as good a debut actress as her celebrated lips. I hate giving away the plot so I'll just refrain from doing that but this song here is almost a spoiler alert. It pretty much sums up the mood of the entire film. My friend Demet once informed me that love is conditional. Barfi! disagrees with her. And so do i.
    Speaking of deeds, innocence often pays a huge price and more often than not, the transaction is done in age. Also, human disabilities don't matter as long as your heart beats without a purpose. This romcom slyly points towards the fact that we're simply lucky to have limbs and a voice and ears to ignore what others are saying. Yea, i must be sounding lost in sweetness as i don't even remember the last time i went head over heels for a Bolly flick! Forgive me but some movies make you fuzzy and compel you to hug strangers outside the theatre. Barfi! is one of those.


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