Monday, September 17, 2012

True love and false hopes

    Does Natalie Portman know that she's an angel? Or would she spend the rest of her life under the delusion that she is just another Jewish Hollywood-legend-in-the-making? Whatever be the case, i simply adore her. I suspect in her real life, she looks no different from the person she appears in her reel life. To me, she is the purest form of femininity. I love her so much that I’ll kiss her even if she has her dental braces on. The fact that she won’t let me is a different story though. 
    The talented 31-year-old Oscar-winning actress is exactly four years and 11 months older than me. In terms of success, she is 86 light years ahead. But what has age and time and fame got to do with innocent love? Besides, how can Natalie get married to someone else when I'm a better someone else? For those who don't know, she got married to that ballet dancer from Black Swan in June. I'd admit that i saw it coming. And her visible baby bump while receiving the golden statuette in February was the ultimate clincher.   
    Natalie and i were meant to be together. In an alternate universe, of course. And the worst part is she knows it too. Whenever she smiles, my monitor screen lights up. To be honest, it's damn scary! In fact, it's sad to witness how beautiful she really is. I'm so obsessed with her that even my imaginary girlfriend resembles her as long as i keep my eyes shut. I don't know what I'll do to her if i met her. Or for that matter, i dunno what I'll do to myself. i pity Natalie 'cause she could have had it all. Needless to say, here 'all' stands for me.
    Enough of Grade A rubbish. I wish her and her son Aleph the best of health and existence. While I'm at it, i also hope Natalie someday realizes how much i pretended to love her. Anyway, this long-distance thing with her ain't working for me.


ross said...

And I saw this one coming... :D

Rudraa said...

Chances are Portly, Man! ;)