Saturday, September 7, 2013

For old times' sake

It was evident from the wrinkled face of that old man standing in the super-packed local that Harbour Line is the worst. It's worse for senior citizens. And the younger lot seldom stand up for what is right. They somehow remain seated. I don't know if that poor fella was expecting anybody to give up one of their seats but what i know for sure is—as expected—none did. 
Is shehar ne jaanwar bana diya hai hamein; aur humne ise chidiyaghar. 
I sincerely hope the grand/fathers of all those who overlooked him last night find someone kinder in their commutes. It's as if they couldn't keep their ass from touching a surface for even few minutes. Apparently, running is the only non-gymnastic function in which gluteal muscles get to work. Otherwise, all these internal organs are good at is expanding. 
For the dismal record, Mumbaikars run only after public transport. Makes sense when they over-credit themselves for finding a place to sit.
At times i wonder why isn't there a separate compartment for oldies, especially when there is one for the womenfolk and the disabled. Lastly, why not an Oldies Special in the line of Ladies Special?


Anonymous said...

Hopefully , someday someone will hear you...till then continue to collect their blessings for giving the ignored ones a thought!

Chinmay Bhat said...

Thats true mate,it is essential that the youngsters should know that they are not doing anything good by warming the benches when the senior citizens are standing. but you will come across HEROS getting up and offering seats to beautiful women