Friday, September 6, 2013


Whoever you are, thanks for visiting this page. 
Turns out i've got nothing insignificant to share this time around. Been too occupied with saving the world and all that razzmatazz. Which is just another lousy excuse for not having anything to write on. Sometimes the wannabe writer in me behaves a bit like Pakistan. He's unsure whether he has failed already or is still failing. It's very similar to humanity taking a fall. You never know whether it's for real.
Better luck next time.
PS: Yeah, i love you too for being so dramatic.


Anonymous said...


Bhargavi Dev K said...

Okay. Noutanki

Anonymous said...

it's problem...waiting...always have, always will...:)
PS: I like u too

Anonymous said...

PS: I love the drama on this space. <3