Friday, November 29, 2013

Rock, stones and pebbles

Millions of years ago, there was a rock lying somewhere. To protect its interest, we won't disclose the location. Regardless of the geography, the sun shined on it for months before it finally cave in. Or cave out, not so sure. It developed a number of cracks in any case. Just a matter of wind before it fully disintegrated. It had to crumble, thus giving birth to heavy smooth stones. The comparatively little ones rolled away from one another, each trying to create its own identity under the sky. But then, how far can stones travel? They had to stop somewhere. And wait. Something what their mother did long ago. It was their turn now. So, they waited. The sun did what it was good at and the wind blew whenever it felt like. The stones family stood where they were hoping to move an inch away. But it never did so. The whole exercise was a pitiless harness of patience. Insofar the amount of hope invested, something noteworthy had to take place. Hence, after a long interval of days turning to night and summer turning to winter, they too found reincarnation by transforming into shiny pebbles. The pebbles seemed smarter though as they harboured no wish to move. They were glad with where they were. Neither the sun bothered them nor the wind or the weather. Being at peace with themselves helped—a luxury that eluded their ancestors.


Anonymous said...

How would the mountains be so lofty if the stones moved? They are stones. ...unmoving.....thats how they roll! :-)

Anonymous said...

It brought a lil smile on my rather sad face leaving a lasting impression to a hopeless immature case...

it'a fable not a blog...i feel u must just freelance and not merely slog

you deserve the best, i will forever believe,
ur words define you, they help me re-live and relieve

Lucky are those who touch lives thru words
The crowd is fearful of falling in love with the nature or the birds...God Bless