Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Vehicle, aaj aur kal

As little children, we used to play this game called gaadi-gaadi. Nothing exceptionally innovative about it. We had this oversize rope which we tied at the ends so as to create a circle and then we got in it creating an imaginative vehicle. Once inside, the driver would be at the forefront while the others held on to each others' back of the shirt—beginning with the driver's—creating a queue. And then the driver will take us around. Of course, we had to trudge along 'cause there was no motor involved. To paraphrase Gabbar Singh's quote, Jab tak hamare pair challenge tab tak gaadi challengi. Being the driver of such deluxe automobile was a huge honour during those days. Apart from enjoying the forward view during an automobilic thrill, s/he was also the one who'd steer as per her/his liking. It was totally up to the person behind the non-existent wheels to take the rest, wherever, within the allotted time. Needless to add, i used to crave for my turn to be that person. 
At breakfast, my amma taunts me that while my best friend bought himself a car on Dhanteras, i don't even know how to drive at the age of 27.

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Anonymous said...

hahaha ur amma is very correct