Saturday, December 10, 2016

Music to (other's) ears

Being sensitive to sounds can be a disadvantage. It messes with your mind. Peace of mind, to be precise. When you’re too sensitive, you basically lose your right to noise. How? Even the tiniest of audible infractions disturb you while the people around you don’t seem to care. You wince. They don’t. Their sense of accommodation belittles your tolerance. You become the party-pooper by default. As much as you are designed to appreciate music, the noise plays a key role in maintaining your sanity. To each their own music, to each their own noise. There must be a reason why our world is filled with music as much as with noise. The rhythm created by the chirping sparrows or the streams in a runaway forest complement the tumult orchestrated by a bursting volcano or a crazy tornado in rural America. That said, when you are too sensitive to sounds, you end up picking up tunes and tones others tend to miss. Not to brag but i noticed something in House which others—all those whom i know have watched the TV series—evidently overheard. Whenever a scene showcases a patient ward, you can hear the gentle doo-doo-doo beep in the background. The ominous sound of some medical equipment is always there without fail. And it fucking annoys me.

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