Friday, January 6, 2017

End point

Science has come a long way but there are certain events that it can’t really explain. It can’t tell you why you got a cold while having curd but are fine with ice cream. Similarly, it can’t give you an absolute reason why you’ve got a headache at any given point of time. It will direct you to a number of excuses why you are feeling that hammer inside your skull but it can’t pinpoint anything. If you skid off the planet, science can’t explain for sure why your plane experienced turbulence all of a sudden. I don’t know about you but whenever my plane shakes, i wish it crashes. Not explode, mind you. Explosion would be a killjoy. Crashing has that adventurous veneer to it. The only sad part about it being the fact that i might be dying with a bunch of absolute strangers who are screaming together in their final performance. What are the odds of you dying seated next to a guy you didn’t even exchange pleasantries with? And they said, you would die alone and sad.

Let’s pull out a bit here.

If at all such a tragedy (comedy?) takes place, wouldn’t it be fair to suggest that all the people who died together were soul mates? Think about it. If at all there is such a thing as a soul that escapes you at your demise, then my soul will certainly like to hang out with the souls of all the folks i died with. Soul mating time!

No, wait.

What’s the difference between a soul and a ghost?



Arunima Rana said...

and here comes a that killed me out of laughter.
Searching for my ghost mate...

Arunima Rana said...


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