Saturday, January 7, 2017

Leave and move on

Two of my flatmates are moving on—professionally. It's an interesting development for a number of reasons. Three being they are young, hardworking and have plans for the future. I'm sure they'll continue to do great. One of the awesomest things about Zomato is it trains you to be better at what you do by letting you dictate your path. You own up your shit. These are no corporate hiccups in place. Maybe that's why both of them come across as more mature than their age. After spending about half a decade with the company, you tend to an ambassador. I'm glad for them but i'm not sad for they are moving on in life.

Rewind to 2011. 

I quit transcription industry after spending 4 years as a transcriber. When i finally quit that godforsaken but fun job, i didn't have plans as such. I knew i wanted to do something related to writing but i wasn't sure. I had no clue that i'd end up interviewing film personalities, theatre artistes, writers, painters and their ilk soon. My colleagues were glad for my decision but they seemed quite sad on my farewell day. We hugged and never kept in touch. (It's not them; it's me.) I later figured out that they weren't sad that i was leaving them but because they were staying behind.


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