Thursday, January 12, 2017

New year, new Me(dium)

I started blogging here 9.5 years ago. It’s been a ride. I started out as a wannabe poet who shared his poems with an invisible crowd and eventually progressed to a wannabe writer who wrote on almost everything under the sun. I don’t think any of it is going to continue anymore. At least not here. What you're reading is my 1165th blog post and also my last one on this platform. It won’t be an overstatement to say that i’ve been quite active. I posted whatever i did—mostly short paragraphs, long paragraphs, random stories, pointers, movie reviews which weren’t really reviews, photo tales, etc—because i was writing for myself. I wasn’t really seeking an audience. If i did, i’d have cared more about typos, the space between paragraphs, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, the works. I might have even promoted my blog on Twitter/FB more. I was listless and so were my posts. Editing? Not for me. Not for this blog. First-shot-first-post please. Blame it on my impatience. Presentation was the least of my concerns anyway. Maybe that explains the anemic growth of this blog (322 followers and not counting) because people care about you when you care about them. I learned that lesson a bit too late. I once read somewhere that Stephen King doesn’t go to sleep unless he had churned out 5000 words. Ruskin Bond follows a similar routine on his typewriter. I am no match to these behemoths of discipline although i regularly try posting what i deem funny/interesting/morbid/awesome/etc. Anyway, the point is i am moving to Medium and will be writing there from here onwards. Why Medium? Because i think i’ll try to be more organized there with my prose and occasional poetry. I need a change that forces me to make sure i don’t commit silly mistakes in my lazily drawn paragraphs. Yup, i’ll never give up on my paragraph writing. For the record, i neither expect a legion of followers there nor multi-million dollar book deals. I'm moving there just for a change of weather. This blog will be here for good with all the posts from the past. Thanks for tolerating me (if you were) for this long and sorry for never responding (if you messaged) to your comments on my posts.

PS. I created an account on Medium last year itself but i was adamant on not shifting. In fact, posted something there to the same effect.
PSS. If we are what we eat, i am my words. 


Anonymous said...

It was nice blogspot. All the best.

Harry said...

I miss you. Your blog is sex, Shetty.

Anonymous said...

I miss your blog here , randomly i read your blog but i really like it all the best sunil anna ...

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I created an account on Medium last year itself but i was adamant on not shifting. In fact, posted something there to the same effect.
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