Monday, April 12, 2010

No more INSANE Sania marriage news!

Today is a historic day. Sania Mirza got married. At last. And by any media calculation, it means the end of circus.

We, hoi polloi, on both side of the border were glued to this drama for over three weeks now and no matter how much we hated the futile news coverage, we didn’t dare ignore the charade.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Sania Mirza. To me, she had something of a wonder run and then she got caught on the wrong side of fame. She is the first Indian to cover a lot of milestones in the field of tennis but then she could have done a lot better had she stayed focused on her on-court preparations rather than off-court distractions. She could have been the Saina Nehwal of tennis, which sounds a bit clich├ęd now! Alas.

Coming back to her marriage part, I thought, isn’t it too early for her to jump the wedding gun. She’s of my age and I don’t think 23 is an ideal age to marry considering her incredible “second-round-success” on WTA tour. She should have waited a bit longer for her form to return. Who knows she just could have got her form back, which is almost non-existent just like her alleged wrist injuries. Whatever, who am I to suggest anything and who is she to waste my blog space!

I’m also a bit aghast at her choice of beau. I mean, I’m sure almost all of us must have had this thought, “…couldn’t she find something better??!!”. I too felt the same given Shoaib Malik’s history of tasting his foot again and again with no fault of his for we are born the way we are and some of us learn and some of us just, well, run. I remember his famous gaffe after Pakistan defeated India and he went onto thank all the Muslims in the world for supporting Pakistan, forgetting that there were two active Muslim players in Indian side at that time, if not, millions of Indian Muslims right over the border!

Anyways, it’s her life and in a more generalized sense, she’s doing what very few Indian girls do and that is breaking historically-built barriers. I just hope she finds happiness wherever she is, for she belongs to us.


Kedar said...

Finally... finally Sania got married. Now the media will have to find some new spicy news item.
Speaking about Shoaib's love for Muslims, I wonder whether he plays for islam or for pakistan?? Being chauvinistic about your religion is OK but,
1. Know the fact that we have more muslims here in India that you have in pak.
2. Atleast use correct english.. (If I'm not wrong, his statement was "I want to thank you back home Pakistan and where the Muslim lives all over the world.") LOL!
Finally, I'd say that this is my first comment on ur blog. I really liked it.

lost_scotoma said...

Hey! I've got nothing against Shoaib but the truth even the Pakistani media projects him just like the way we look at him... he's too unsophisticated and in simpler words, he's not the Imran Khan of today's cricket. Whatever.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate it. :)

A S said...

nice post :)
Yes yaar m sick of all the news channels giving so much coverage to sania's marriage like anything...boring!

and yes sania has married very young and that too with a wrong man.

lost_scotoma said...

Lets see how it turns out... but yes, 23 seems toooo young an age to marry!