Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Curious Case of Perfection

She is perhaps the greatest actress of our time. She had been part of some of the finest movies ever produced. She personifies a thespian’s flawlessness. She can sing, dance and play musical instruments, not to mention enact her characters. She works hard on recreating accents. She is that angel from America not many chit-chat about. She once left Sophie with no choice. She burned the bridges of Madison County, got out of Africa and then slipped into Marvin’s room—all within a span of few hours. She made the Devil wear Prada. She even cast a doubt on the pedophilic Catholic establishment. She provided voice to an ant, a vixen and a fairy. She managed to cause Robert De Niro fall in love with her during the age of deer-hunting on mountain. She recently made an iron lady quiver. She, for all her efforts, has been nominated by the Academy on a record 17 different occasions. She, for all her efforts, has won it just twice. She seems destined to add one more to the list shortly. She’s in no rush to retire. She is barely 62. She stays beautiful and makes sure her art turns more beautiful than she does. She got married way back in ‘78. She is still married to that same guy. She has four children with him. She didn’t have to Kramer any of them. She balances personal and professional life sans controversy. She effectively brought the mother out of Julia. She could have portrayed as Julia Roberts' daughter—not because the latter looks old but because the former can—in the upcoming movie adaptation of August: Osage County. She’s as brilliant as they come…. never to leave. She once nearly inspired me to become an actress. She is Meryl Streep.


Cultured Vulture said...

a kickass piece of art, this is!

My notebook said...

Beautiful post on Meryl Streep :) I just loved reading it ..well I feel she is wonderful ..we think about her but you put it so beautifully in words :)

TheMasakkali said...

What-the-ness! beautifully put up. Just a single thing, ain't she took the Academy 'lady' to her home three times?