Thursday, February 23, 2012

An untitled work of molested art

Attention: Whoever penned the following magnum opus is definitely not a poet. Whoever thinks otherwise deserves to be my friend.

A poem badly written remains so
Whether the scribbler likes it or no
Words throw jibes at his perseverance
While verses struggle to make sense
Sometimes the ideas turn renegade too
As emotions are denied and stanzas rue
During such moments, life is like a simile
Cut loose from figure of speech with glee
Under the wall of ceaseless expectations
Over the bridge of limited conventions
Nowhere to go yet left all loose
Lacking humour it can so damn use
Meanwhile, an innocent page stays old-schooled
For rhyme’s sake, poetry gets fooled.

P.S.: It feels so great to be friends with folks having such bad taste in literature!


ross said...

So you don't really want us to read your blog,ehh?? :D

Thais said...

If this is a bad taste in literature, I am proud of it. :P

Anonymous said...

And now we are friends. :D