Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thick, not Fat

A: “How fat is your middle finger?” B: “Fat enough to salute.”

Not funny? Hmm. Trust me, it was deliberate. All right. Now move your head from side-to-side. Go ahead, do it. You won’t be surprised to learn that we are surrounded by obese folks. There is a fat chance you might be one of them. Whatsoever you are like, you can’t crack jokes on them. Nope. No way. Why? You just can’t. Turns out people have a lot of sentiments too along with regular junk food. And we can’t afford to offend such beanbags of lard. It’s considered sacrilege by the politically-correct (read: calorically-incorrect) people. On a personal level, I’ve got nothing against those out of shape. And this is not my invisible six-pack abs speaking. Seriously, I adore ‘em. There is so much more to love about fatties. Na, it has nothing to do with the space they occupy. OK. Maybe it does while traveling economy class. Otherwise, there’s hardly anything wrong with them trying to make the most of the available space. But they’ve got to exercise their flabby neck more often.

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