Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hit & Run

The media in our country is often chided for neglecting North-East India. But after what happened in Guwahati recently, there must be some hushed cries implying it was better off neglected! Having said that, this attitude won't solve the underlying problem. What would do the trick though is a well-executed kick right in the nuts of the perpetrators. Better still, a real hard one. Or two. The thing is anti-social elements (read: chauvinists, sexists, pricks, jerks and ilk) have been in the society long before men learned the art of masturbation. To make future worse, they'll always be around. There's nothing one can do to stop them from taking birth but we can definitely stop them in other ways. I don't know what they are but I'm sure that intolerance can help. For a start, at least. Too much nonsense has been (and is being) tolerated. And silence is not a safe word anymore. For a change, change has to make some noise. Maybe it's high time!


Bhargavi Dev K said...

AGREEE.. Intolerance is the way forward.


Aadii said...

Media, although infamous for OVER doing stories and creating the unnecessary hype, is necessary. If not for media, we would have not known that story. The problem is, the public emotions are short term. They subside as easily as they are provoked. A couple of months from now people will not even notice what news story we are talking about here. Nevertheless, I completely agree with your point. Intolerance is the way forward indeed.