Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A for Allah, B for Burqa

Before i embark on this controversial subject, let me inform you that I’ve got nothing against Islam. In fact, i dearly believe in it though i don't practise it. Just like most other Muslims. I'm not an expert in it either. Just like most mullahs (unless your name is Dr. Zakir Naik). Anyway, in recent times, no other faith got subjected to criticism as intensely as Islam. Small wonder it's the fastest-spreading religion! Coming back to the topic at hand, I’m not against burqa. I think it makes a cool style statement and i will defend to the death a man's right to wear it. Yup. The reason why I’ve chosen to submit my invaluable inputs on this garment is the hypocrisy that goes into the making of a culture (mind you, not religion). Religion and culture might intermingle but they are two separate entities and the sooner we acknowledge the fact, the better it is. Islam is a religion and Arabic is NOT the only culture on the planet. One doesn't have to become an Arab to be a Muslim. As simple as that. If at all there should be a set dress code, it has to be free of sexism. Understandably, that ain't the case as the pseudo-code in this ambit has always been set by polygamous bearded men. And there is a huge difference between a hijab and a burqa and a niqab and so on. For argument's sake, let's stick to burqa here. You see, if one discards that ridiculous face veil, it's a pretty conventional garment. But when it covers a woman's identity, it delivers a thick-veiled attack on feminism—at least that’s what the West wants us to believe. The European retards who thought banning hijab in France would prove a point are damn right. It proves they are retards. At the end of the day, banning burqa is like banning a ban, right? Now, the van-friendly Netherlands is also planning to ban burqas from next year onwards. All of a sudden, the Dutch are speaking French! Fortunately, we won’t face such iniquity in India as our politics fornicates with religion on a daily basis. Our women are free to wear burqa whenever and wherever they like. They don't even have to be Muslims for doing so. By the way, Bohri women's rida pwns the plain-black-tortured-under-Indian-sun fabric by miles on aesthetic terms. On a serious note, i  guess a woman can not only wear a burqa but also mummify herself if SHE wants. It should purely be HER choice.


shimmeringmoonlight said...

Good to hear the woman in you speak up for the choices her counterparts should be allowed to make....without the interference of some condescending and patronising members of the opposite sex!Seriously,coming from a man its heart warming.

Aadii said...

Balanced, clever and apt. Very well written.