Sunday, July 29, 2012

London is miscalling

It's that time of the year when it sucks to be an Indian. Also, that season when China points their little finger at us and chuckle in Mandarin. Sadly, blame game isn't part of the Olympics yet and Rajinikanth is too busy to participate in the other categories. I don't know how I've managed to live this long without a medal to my name. Ten years ago, i was *this* close to becoming a world-class diver (blame it on Louganis!). As of now, I'm *that* far away from sightseeing in London. Of course, there are folks out there in that city right now who dream of nothing but dangling this small yet heavy piece of ornament around their neck someday. No doubt there aren't committing any crime in doing so, either. On the contrary, they've slogged really hard towards their goal. (Speaking of which, they have a goal, unlike most of us.) With or without sponsors. In all probability, it takes more than just Horlicks and Boost to reach the stadium, let alone podium. A nation's pride is only as perpendicular as the athlete standing behind the flag. Besides, these ladies and gentlemen don't make compromises with pain. They own it. And that's what sets them apart. They run like their ass is on fire, jump like they never use elevators and swim like humans weren't meant to. In fact, these gladiators are the reason why aliens haven't attacked our planet yet. But not each one of them is going to win. Only those who shall put their best feet (if not hands) forward might. In the meantime, i pray none of them is doped. Because nothing ruins Games like ununiformity in steroids. Everybody ought to get the same performance-enhancing drug. Except Indians. Our contingent deserves something extra. After all, whining isn't everything at Olympics.

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Anonymous said...

& iHope these Twenty12 India doesn't just stay on Papers w/ IndianEmblem wala Rubber stamp Athletes Photo.
Even if any of our Athlete do win any title. That credit will only go to Him/Her for their efforts n not for India's Infra for that sport.

*Fingers Crossed*