Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dinosaurs and Speilberg

Ever wished we lived in a Tarantino movie for a change? Not everyone would agree with me (insofar, not everybody appreciates excellent cinema either) but life is indeed wonderful…in movies! And if it has a bit of unanticipated violence attached to the bloody script, who'd complain? At least, not me. You see, the thing is my life's irrefutably bland. Colorless. I'm as dull as they come. Or go or whatever else they do. But my thoughts keep me fresh. And one such train of thought took me to a station where i pondered about the possibility of our life being based on a movie. You never know. What if we are part of an extended film we're not aware of yet? The name of these movies might differ for sure. Having said that, titles can be very misleading too. For instance, 'Anand' was actually more about sadness than mirth and it was disappointing to learn that 'Shame' is not based on Tiger Woods. In any case, long live internet as crooks like me don't breathe as effectively as they can download. In the meantime, I'm eternally grateful to all those faceless seeds out there who make downloading a reality. It's a world of parity on web where there is no rich or poor. Everybody is just sharing the fruit of cinema (illegally, of course). I'd also like to remind you that they forgot to mention this in religious texts but recco-ing others a good movie takes one closer to heaven. Because God is free of criticism and She finds cinema particularly cool. Besides, what's the point in critiquing bad movies? People are going to watch them anyway. The real trouble is to get them to watch the better ones. Besides, there will be folks reviewing the movie reviews in a perfect society. After all, cinema is meant to offer us relief—a false belief that (almost) everything will end well. Luckily, some movies just stay with us to whisper the secrets of an unimaginable world which we shall never get to enter in. Even if Tarantino wants us to.

PS: In case you come across a list titled '100 Greatest Movies Of All Time' and don't find Anand in it, something's horribly wrong.

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