Sunday, August 5, 2012

Minding skills

   If my niece is quiet, it means just one thing—she's asleep. Her Majesty is seven and counting and VERY curious. Though cuteness comes easily to her, she can be bothersome at times. Actually, most of the times. Maybe children are nature’s way of reminding us how irritating we once were. They can be wonderful too (as long as they don't belong to you!). Little kids fail to realize how innocent their questions usually are. This is what innocence must be all about. You know, that magical instance when you smile at a cutie and that cutie cares to smile back. Yes, they can be incredibly idiotic as well. But then, they do know how to enjoy such moments!
   During my childhood days, i too was like that. I used to poke finger into the eyes of those who tried to pull my cheeks. One good habit i regret giving up. But i was dumb enough to believe that I'll grow up someday. Besides, when i was young(er), i pictured myself in various avatar but none of them was busy slogging in front of a PC. Life.
   Coming back to my cousin's daughter, i don't know what to do with her. She loves to pester me with profoundest of questions. Who can possibly better them at imagination? As the result, i take the liberty to brainwash her. For instance, I've informed her about the Mayans' plan to take over the world coming December. OK, that was ridiculously futuristic. How about some history then? Thanks to me, she now knows how Mowgli along with his jungle friends fought the British Raj and won us independence. She is also convinced that a gun will scare away the ghosts who trouble her at nights. She laughed when i told her that moon is a racist country.
   Fortunately, both of us don't take each other seriously. However, my amma believes I'm creating my clone out of her. She thinks i don't know how to talk to toddlers. Well, ma, believe it or not, i too was a kid once! I know how it works, alrite? Alrite.


Nimue said...

you are still a kid !
loved reading this early morn :)
thank you for the smiles :D

shimmeringmoonlight said...

Like more ways than one! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hahah kya likkha hai. "Moon is a racist country" . Baap tha vo line.

Tho, it turns BLACK once in 15 days for the animals living on Earth :D

Aadii said...

Loved it. Do write more episodes of this encounter with your niece.

Avantika Patil said...

Seriously dude! One more Shakti Shetty in making … I am worried now