Wednesday, January 2, 2013

About time... about her

Every morning she wakes up and wonders whether she'll be able to survive the day. However, as soon as she lifts herself from the bed, life resets to normal. She's been grim for a while now. 3 days out of 7, she wants to cry. 7 days out of a month, she cried. A month out of 12, she couldn't figure out why. Sometimes she stares at the mirror and witnesses herself fading away. Fortunately, she hasn't aged a bitch. She's still adorable. Regardless, she feels like stabbing herself but the coward in her worries that it would make the poor knife look criminal. She cries a lot and her face feels like jute soaked in tears. She's so beautiful that even Narcissus would have fallen for her. She's so gorgeous that she'll take your bad breath away. Even if there's a God out there, She can't possibly better her smile. She is that legend beauty is made up of. She is a little more than beautiful and a lot less than humble. She appears lovely in your dreams. Maybe because that's when your eyes are tight shut. She's so cute that PETA would outrage if something horrible happened to her. Sadly, they call her sunshine while she's dying inside of darkness. You know what she hates the most? We not knowing the answer to this question. She is just another romantic who refuses to believe in love. She's not stupid; she's crazy. And there is a difference. Once upon a time, she thought the clouds were made up of detergent. Her closet is full of skeletons and she desperately wants to replace them with designer clothes. She's being sarcastic when she accepts being sarcastic. She's a poet as long as poetry shuns her. You'll pretend to fall for her verses when she is the real culprit. She'll tell you secrets you mustn't be aware of in the first place and she mustn't share in the last. Even though she has acknowledged the existence of her big mouth, she hasn't learned how to keep it closed. Don't scream out your secrets. Gently whisper them into her ears. She'll take care of the rest. She keeps saying "Whatever!". Whatever that's supposed to mean. She puts the never in whenever. She says nothing but she says it pretty well. She doesn't remember the last time she went speechless—neither does her mouth. At times, she is so reticent that she should patent silence before someone else does. She's a nudist when it comes to changing her mind. She's effortlessly good at bad habits. She likes honest people.... lying to her. She reserves her cold sighs for winter. She's neither Rihanna nor does she like the way you lie. Nonetheless, she's a well non singer. When she sings, you'd rather prefer to curl up in Death's lap. She always hoped to do something in the field of music but to her, humanity comes first. Thank her for small mercies. She is an unrealized nightmare eagerly waiting to open her eyes. She puts the quit in unrequited. Every time she laughs, a joke dies a million deaths. Given her number of breakups, she is a leaving legend. But she's one of those decisions that shall make you. She reminds you of a lover you never had. She's that damsel who was meant for distress. All things said and done and left, she has finally reached that point where her life turns pointless. And her anecdotes, more so. Freedom has become her middle name. The day she finds someone as fucked up as she is, she'll settle down and live happily ever after. She doesn't know where she's going but she'll reach her self soon.


Anonymous said...

She sounds as real as your imagination and pretty much tied in knots. Going by your perception,she could do with someone special,who could actually lead her to find her lost self!

Anonymous said...

She keeps herself unreachable, but wishes someone walks into her life, to take herself away, away from this mess.