Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Responsible tweets. Human interest. Small talks. Liberal politics. Fully empty. National conscience. Wintry Mumbai. Normal people. Ideal journalism. Porn review. Political will. Permanent denture. Wasted existence. Bollywood actors. Dignified silence. Perfect couple. Private wedding. Deep thinking. Civilized world. Bad music. Foreseeable future. Real life. Health-conscious graveyard-shifter. Public property. Organized religion. Better job. Human dignity. Democratic consensus. Pragmatic philosophy. Accomplished artist. Offensive jokes. Ethical internet. Evergreen mangroves. Clean chit. Gender equality. Innocent folks. Food security. Original idea. Free press. Oil reserves. Fearless souls. Human secrets. Soul mates. Human instincts. Imminent death. Slow train. Dead serious. Religious humanist. Horrible sonnet. Pure vegetarian. Intellectual masturbation. Progressive Taliban. Timeless clock. Predictable economics. Glorious war. Senseless killing. Tender coconut. Wise parliamentarian. Closet moron. Non-performing assets. Cheerful oxymoron.

PS: There are one-word oxymoron too. Popular terms like kaamchor, life, Hindu, austerity, minority and justice don't need another word in front or back of them to enter the exclusive Oxymoron Club.


Anonymous said...

Simply Shakti.


Anonymous said...

How about 'light'?Doesn't it qualify as a one-word oxymoron?