Saturday, January 5, 2013

About time... about him

He has come a long way from worrying whether his mom will approve of her to worrying whether she'll approve of his mom. For better or for worst, times are indeed changing. He thought he had all the right moves. This was before she asked him to move on. When she left him, he felt the whole world will come crashing down. Unfortunately, it didn't. As one can imagine, he abhors her for making him feel like a fool; especially when she's fully aware that he is one. However, as far as she knows, he doesn't know much. Perhaps she is lost in a dream whereas he lost her to a nightmare. The idiot is breaking up with him although he is breaking down with her. If only he was to her what she was to him. In related news, he almost drowned in the very river she cried. Too many complains; too few answers. Nevertheless, she doesn't unlove him. He's still in love while she's returning to friendship. Yeah, the sham old story! She never accused him of not paying attention but he certainly needed to brush up his pretending skills. He'll say what he has to say but she'll hear what she has to hear. She loves believing the words he never said. Plus, she knows more than enough about his history to distort it according to her convenience. Nowadays he's busy thinking of her thinking of him. After all, she reminds him of someone he's trying to forget. He is right though, particularly when she is destined to be wrong. He was like a Band-Aid. He stuck to her and healed her. And then she threw him away. Even though he tries, he can only give her what he wants. Furthermore, she never got into his mind the way she's trying to get under his skin. She even wrote with an accent and always forgave him in English. When she claimed they shared similar views, she was referring to their poor eyesight. When she said little things in life make her happy, she wasn't referring to his genitalia. There were moments when he used to miss her absence. The part of him that trusts her happens to be the very part he doesn't trust any longer. But he should be glad that she doesn't hate him as much as she'll hate herself later. For what a relationship is worth, she has no idea how much she's going to miss him in the future. To add to his woes, neither does he. He'll turn out like electricity. We miss it when it's gone. Days from the past reckon. There were nights when she fell asleep hoping he never woke up. But both of them eventually did. Even if she got up 25 minutes late, she cursed herself like a witch. He'd sleep through the daymiss the sunset and the moonriseand yet managed to grin. In the end, she smiled back—the exact point he's going to regret later. How can she forget those moments that brought them closer? She didn't have a life, nor did he. So they thought, why not not have a life together? She was at the epicenter of a disastrous existence and he couldn't help giggling at her. She didn't even know what she has to worry about. That's how messed up she was. He simply knew he could fix her. He noticed warm symptoms of spirit in her defeated heart. He ended up loving her from the bowels of his soul. The idiot even sprained his ankle once chasing her in his reverie. The incredible baloney of courtship. Television played a role too. He held the remote but she, control. They went shopping too although he was allergic to retail therapy. He apparently suffered from a disease called She. And vice versa. In an alternate universe, they are still together. Someday he's going to be there... and never come back.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like hes in her blood as much as she is....if not more.......Love with a deference!

Anonymous said...

He knew what it felt to be in love. She let him know. He is blessed. Or perhaps she is.

Honestly, you never asked it but this made me sob. Big sour tears refusing to stop.

He should be glad he had her and her he.