Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bottoms up

A lot CAN happen over a cup of coffee. Well, a lot more HAPPENS over bottles of alcohol. This is something i've witnessed over the past few years. Though i don't drink, i'm blessed with engineer-friends who do. They've got excellent career graphs. However, they turn into completely different animals once they are plastered. It's almost funny. Some of them become lyrical and start spouting long-buried poems. Funny? Some begin to comment on social issues they don't give a shit about when they are sober. Funny. Some dance a fusion of Classical and Western. Not funny. But one thing is for sure: you get to notice a part of them you otherwise would miss. Though alcohol drinks up the alcoholic in the long run, it throws some much-appreciated light on personalities and stories from personal histories. As if all good, sad, interesting tales require are some drops of liquor into the system. And then some more. I wish i could write an ode—à la Harivanshrai Bachchan—instead of this lacklustre blog post—to the drunkards. But then, my friends aren't addicted yet. They are just occasional morons who dream of turning into superheroes instead of cartoons someday.

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Anonymous said...

I am sure you feel blessed that you are not one of them,making a complete fool of yourself, with all that alcohol in your system.