Thursday, March 21, 2013

They didn't start the fire!

Have you ever noticed how a glowworm moves? You have? Congrats. You haven't? Kindly get out of your sense-forsaken city for once! Anyway sticking to the topic at hand, there's a certain rhythm in which it glides through air. From one leaf to another. From one branch to another. From one hand into a merciless glass bottle. Sometimes the poor creature even confuses summer with December and decorates an entire tree with wireless lighting. Magical indeed. They may sound benevolent but glowworms are classy beings too. They are like the Harvard-educated folks amongst them insects. They roam around with a glint in their ass. The superiority complex is visible but who's complaining? Also, unlike other identified flying objects, it's never in a hurry. In fact, they are like the fixed slo-mo version of Mother Nature. Try catching a butterfly with its over-sized wings and you'll know the difference between the two hi-flyers. One is nocturnal Muhammad Ali the Old while the other, diurnal Usain Bolt the Young. However, glowworms are wiser by default. They don't like publicity. Poets rarely notice their presence. Despite all of that, they teach us an invaluable lesson: When your butt is on fire, keep moving. 


t said...

And here I thought no one was more important than the earthworm! I've only time i've seen many fireflies together at one place was Palampur. not sure if there were glowworms or not. Almost as far as my eyes could see on that chirpy night, long back… you brought some more memories back :) but then, you always do..

Anonymous said...

This place i live in, teems with fireflies .So, for obvious reasons they skip notice.But,once upon a time,when we were kids,the whole bunch of us,cousins and all, made a bee line for them,to trap them in the cup of our palms!The highest scorer would be the object of such envy!The lost world!Thank you,for bringing back the memories!