Tuesday, April 9, 2013

B for boat, S for sailing

I haven't ridden a motorbike in more than three years now. I don't know how to drive a car. I don't wish to learn how to drive a car either. I'm really good at cycling though but i've gifted my bike to a friend who told me he'll be needing it to get back in shape. Turns out the bike is out of shape now rusting away in his balcony. Happens. I used to commute on that bicycle as my office was barely two kilometers away from home. Now i require trains to reach my workplace. Natural progression perhaps? Anyway, the other day, as one of these trains was speeding over the Vashi Bridge (the one that connects Bombay to New-Bombay), i was staring at the creek beneath. I noticed two things: the noisy sea gulls are conspicuous by their absence (or maybe it's the season or something which i may not be not aware of) and the small boats scattered everywhere. At that instance, i realized the freedom as well as the bond a humble boat embodies. To be out in the sea with water all around you, can solitude get any better? I'd love to read a book there or just lie down with my feet dangling on the edge. As long as you're not sharing your boat with Richard Parker, things are only great. Several such thoughts crossed my mind that evening. That's it. I don't understand the formalities required but I'll buy a boat someday and sail out from Vashi Creek towards the Arabian Sea and post pictures on Facebook for a change. Besides, owning a car or getting your shoulder dislocated TWICE in a motorcycle accident is too mainstream. 

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Anonymous said...

What better way to sail through life than this,without your shoulder or any other part of your anatomy,being put through the fear of dislocation or any other damage again! TAKE CARE,from here on!