Friday, April 5, 2013

Poetically challenged poem

This may not look like a poem
But trust me, it is
Although too coarse and unrefined  
It has all the ingredients necessary.
These lines are speaking to your soul
Like no else ever did 
No, really
Your mind shall realize it a bit later
But trust me, it will
Being in a lecherous relationship with words 
For months and years and more
They've learned to listen to me
They'll listen to you too
All you've got to do is shut up and read
Anyway, what your eyes are going through is poetry
In its purest form
In fact, formless 
In this particular case—senseless
This poem could have been subtler but what's the point?
Who cares?
Other than you of course.
But then, you've got too much time on your wrist to waste
On my verses
Thanks indeed.
You're encouraging a groundbreaking phase in literature. 
Just so you know.
Never before has prose sashayed so bizarrely as now
This may not look like a poem
But you've accepted it
You just don't know it yet. 
Aren't you silently wondering?
Yes, you are.
What more proof do you need?


Anonymous said...

Shakti…it feels nice taking your name…i need to hear voice so bad..

Anonymous said...

*your :)